Rider Spotlight: Matthew Chavez

This month, as part of our birthday celebrations, we will be celebrating our riders and featuring weekly rider spotlights. Our first feature is Matthew Chavez, or if you follow him on Instagram, @bicycleboy702. Matthew has been a Field Technician for RTC Bike Share since 2016 and we recently had the chance to ask him a couple of questions about his time with RTC Bike Share. 

When did you start with RTC Bike Share? You’re a Day 1 employee, right? Almost but not quite a day 1 employee! I started in the last week of October 2016. I started a couple of days before our official launch in downtown Las Vegas.

Do you have any notable early memories from the first year? Oh, for sure! I remember feeling excited about being on the ground floor of something so special in Las Vegas and the downtown area! I remember the official launch held on 3rd & Stewart at our Downtown Grand station. So many people were in attendance and such positive and inspiring speeches were made by Mayor Goodman and David Swallow from the RTC. The event was super festive and energetic!

What’s your favorite part about working for RTC Bike Share? My absolute favorite part of working for RTC Bike Share is my daily interactions with our riders! I take a great deal of pride to ensure that every single rider has the most positive experience possible. I strive to maintain a bike share system that is virtually seamless to the rider. Providing clean & well-maintained bicycles / stations is my # 1 priority. I absolutely love when I hear positive feedback from our bike share riders, and I love seeing everyone enjoying the sights & sounds of downtown Las Vegas while riding our bikes.

Have you always been an avid cyclist, or has your time with RTC Bike Share influenced an increase in your interest? I’ve always been a cyclist, yet I’ve become an avid cyclist during my time with RTC Bike Share. Cycling has become a part of my life and it’s changed me in the most positive ways. Think about it, I can cycle as part of my work, and I cycle on my off time as well! If I’m not bike sharing, then I’m definitely cycling out in the desert!

What do you use RTC Bike Share for most, outside of work? Outside of work, I use RTC Bike Share for a brisk workout and I’m always taking pictures of anything that catches my eye during my rides.

What’s your favorite place to visit within the RTC Bike Share footprint? One of my favorite places to visit within the RTC Bike Share footprint is the area surrounding our Premium Outlet station. I love riding around the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, the beautiful Smith Center, the lovely Symphony Park, and World Market Center. This area is so peaceful and quiet. I totally love the green spaces located within this wonderful area.

What’s one thing that a new RTC Bike Share rider should know? How to ride in the safest way possible! Safe riding is as simple as wearing a helmet when possible, obeying stop signs & traffic signals, using hand signals, and staying to the right side of the road. These simple tips can make your ride safer, and you’ll have a positive experience and journey.

Our riders need the details on your infamous Blackjack Ride! The infamous Blackjack Ride is a ride that was created when I first started working with RTC Bike Share. Our system consists of 21 stations, and I really wanted to ride to all of them, including docking & undocking a bike, during my after-work evening ride. After some time, I developed a route that I really liked, and I began to ride to all 21 stations 2 to 3 times a week. It is so much fun, and I found myself getting better and stronger with each ride. Even though I take the same route, each ride is different in its own unique way. I’ve ridden in the morning, evening, sunny days, and even windy days. I stop to talk with downtown Las Vegas visitors, residents, and riders who may need assistance. I always seem to see something new that catches my eye and I love stopping to snap photos. Each ride starts off like a blank canvas which becomes a work of art by the time I finish.

You can follow Matthew along his cycling journey (and maybe catch some behind the scenes at RTC Bike Share snaps) on his Instagram, @bicycleboy702.