July Art Tour Ride Guide

We’re getting close to September and we have another installment of Life is Beautiful art-inspired bike routes for you to explore! Take some time to ride down memory lane and view the art of previous years’ Life is Beautiful festivals by bike.  

Dock at Fremont & 7th:

  • A short walk East, to the corner of Fremont and N 8th St will place you in front of a go-to Life is Beautiful backdrop created by local artist Eric Vozzola. While it’s not Eric’s first Life is Beautiful contribution, it has remained an 8th and Fremont staple since 2016. If elements of this piece seem familiar, you may have seen other Eric Vozzola murals around Las Vegas. Some current pieces include Window into the Multiverse along the west side of Area 15, Circa’s Garage Mahal murals, and Connecting Then and Now which can be found at the corner of Carson and 6th at the John E. Carson building.  
  • Your curiosity may lead you to the fallen robot nearby, appearing to push itself back up. Mechan X is the second fallen robot of Tyler Fuqua Creations and was built for the 2018 Life is Beautiful festival. Mechan X won’t be down for long though, as this robot is only planned to be on display through the rest of this summer. 

Dock at 7th & Carson:

  • If you find yourself wanting a snack along this tour, you’re in luck! Restaurant Row is located at this intersection and extends a few blocks down Carson. Don’t forget to be curious on your quest for a Downtown Las Vegas cuisine, as there’s art to be found! Another popular local artist’s work can be found on the north-facing wall of 7th & Carson restaurant. While not an official Life is Beautiful piece, Pretty Done‘s freestyle line work has become a DTLV staple. 

Dock at Sahara & Las Vegas Blvd:

  • This one will require a little mixing of transportation methods, are you up for the challenge? Don’t worry, the Transit app makes navigating your multi-transit trips a breeze! Stepping outside of the Life is Beautiful footprint, we’re going to venture down the Strip. After you dock your bike at the Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard station, you’ll want to hop on The Deuce and make your way to Wynn Las Vegas. Head to the Wynn Plaza rotunda and you’ll be greeted by Smiling King Bear; a colorful, 16-foot tall sculpture by Spanish artist OkudaSmiling King Bear along with the mural The Rest of the Three Graces (still viewable near 7th and Stewart!) were featured at Life is Beautiful 2017.