June Art Tour Ride Guide

Are you as excited about the return of festivals as we are? Can’t wait for September? Take some time to ride down memory lane and view the art of previous years’ Life is Beautiful festivals by bike! 

Art Tour By Bike Route

Dock at Fremont & 10th:

  • After you dock your bike, look up to be greeted by some colorful creatures. This is the work of Kevin Lyons, looking to spread some cheer.
  • Looking west towards Fremont9 you’ll notice a group of larger than life butterflies appearing to flutter away. This is a mural by French artist sensation Mantra from Life is Beautiful 2019. 
  • Walking towards Fergusons, you’ll notice shadowed letters above the entrance to Gather House. This is the work of Indian graffiti artist Daku paying homage to the building’s former life as a bookstore. Fun Fact: The quote is mistakenly attributed to Shakespeare but it is actually a slightly modified paraphrasing of the poem Time Is by American poet Henry Jackson van Dyke Jr. 

Dock at Fremont & 7th:

  • After a short walk to the west you will notice one of artist Ernest Zacharevic‘s signature whimsical murals depicting two children playing on an infinity sign. Lithuanian-born, Ernest Zacharevic is an artist who combines fine art with creating art outdoors.

Dock at 1st & Ogden:

  • The Plaza is an iconic DTLV property but have you ever taken some time to admire the artwork strategically placed around the exterior? This is the work of Brooklyn based FAILE, a collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Growing up together in Arizona, USA during the 1970s, the two began working together in New York in the late 1990s.